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Websites Matter

If you are honest, you would admit that The Parking Association of Georgia website was long overdue for an overhaul.  Behold said honesty is manifested in a new website that is clean, up to date with both aesthetic and function.  This site isn't aiming for huge traffic numbers.  After all, we're a parking association.  We suggest you find a space and pay by cell.

But it is a goal for this site to become a source for reference.

The network of parking professionals in Georgia.  That's why you are here.  The men and women whom comprise the wealth of experience you can tap into.  Whether you are faced with questions about RFPs, PCI, EMV, PR, XYZ or - shoot - even ABC, there is a parking professional in Georgia that can help.  We welcome you and want you to use this new site to post your questions, comments, success, failures, lottery picks and whether or not to take the under on the Falcons home opener.

Thanks for reading.


 - Paul Reeves