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Why does Georgia have or need a parking "association"?

Nationwide, the business of parking is a necessary component of commerce.  The transportation networks in Georgia, the southeast, and throughout the country depend on parking services to provide space for vehicles at a fair price.  The Parking Association of Georgia represents parking professionals in the state who agree to a simple mission:  to improve the level of professionalism in the industry and to educate the public about the industry.

Association Transparency

In the interest of association business transparency, the Board of Directors maintains related documents for public review. These documents can be viewed here:


What do I have to do as a member?

You will be required to publicly declare and pledge your complete allegiance to the parking authority.  Wait...  no.  That's not it.

Really it's all about the parking professionals in the association.  The network of individuals and organizations come together to foster support, learning, and promote fair business practices.  We are serious about our role for commerce in the state.  And we like to have fun together.  Come to our annual conference.  Good people + Good Business = Fun times.


I got a parking ticket.  Will PAG help me?

If you parked wrong or you didn't pay or you just plain broke the rules/law/ordinance in your area... no.  

We do want to help if you have been treated unfairly.  Contact us to let us know what happened.  We might know who to talk to or how to offer you guidance.